Bhujang Asana: “Bhujang” is sanskrit word and its meaning is “Cobra “and asana meaning is “Posture” which known as Cobra pose.

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Bhujangasana, cobra pose, yoga teacher training, yoga retreat, yoga therapy & Ayurveda

Step by step get into position:

1. Lie down on your belly in “Supta Tadasan”.
2. Bring your palm beside to chest elbow is closer to the body.
3. Pointing toes press top of the feet on the mat.
4. Rolling thighs in and pressing the top of the thighs on the mat.
5. Rolling buttocks tuck tail bone in press pubis on the mat.
6. Inhale press the palm and lift the chest up extending both tortious evenly shoulders rolling back and down look up “Bhujang Asana “.
7. In final pose your feet are together or hip with distance apart, elbow is closer to the body in line shoulders.
8. Exhale slowly bend the elbows bring the chin and chest down on the mat into Makara asana to relax and complete with cat stretching and go into child pose.
Sequence of the position is
Supt tadasana > Bhujangasana > Makarasana > marjariasan > balasana

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