LUISA | SPAIN | 30-03-2019

Namaste everyone. My name is Luisa. I come from Albacete, Spain. The Patanjali Yoga Foundation makes me feel in family and at the same time it is a very proffesional place. The facilities of the ashram are in perfect conditions for a healthy and nice yoga practice. The ancient yoga teachings provide a clear vision on what yoga is really. And the surroundings, customs and culture create an amazing experience.

JOSE | SPAIN | 01-03-2019

Namaste, My name is Jose Antonio, I'm from Canary Islands, Spain. I knew the PIYF at internet because I was loocking for the ancestral aspects of the yoga. My first contact with the school was in Lliria, Valencia, were I knew the Dr Das. Once i finished my first course, I decided to came to the school in India, which is located at the gates of the Himalayas in the cradle of the yoga. The environment is fabolous, the work that we do at PIYF is so deep, and the food is very tasty and healthy. Finally, after doing the yoga teacher training I found what I was loocking for, because it is a very complete yoga where you practice Asana, Pranayama, Mantra, Meditation and you learn the philosophy of the yoga. The schedule is very good organize and also is a very good discipline. Honestly, I'm very happy with the school.

LYDIA CHANG | TAIWAN | 28-02-2019

PIYF forever has a special place in my heart! This is the place I chose to complete my first yoga teacher training 4 years ago and it has given me a very comprehensive understanding of yoga as a holistic healing science.

I picked it as I wanted something more authentic and disciplined than other ashrams around the area. It was the right choice and I left with a strong foundation to continue on with my yoga journey. 4 years later Im back for a second time for more inspirations and the program has gotten even better! Dr. Jitendra personally looks after us and his team of very knowledgeable teachers and kind staff puts so much heart and effort into every details of the program.

I particular loved the very detailed hands on adjustment lessons with Prem and yoga theory classes with Simon (who is the best yoga philosophy teacher I have ever met). Energy anatomy theory with Sole was also very insightful. Not to mention Sony the TA whos always present and helpful. The food here is always fresh and delicious (I miss it already!!) even though I ate so much I felt healthy and happy. Cant wait to come back again soon. Thank you PIYF for making us into better teachers!

YVONNE LAI | CHINA | 15-02-2019

Personally I loved my yoga teacher training experience. At this magical place I met so many beautiful souls, some of them which I know we will meet again for sure!!!

The Ashram: While my stay, the ashram is under construction, so sometimes during class it was kinda noisy with the construction. and it was a bit dusty. BUT I have to say, the staffs tried their best to kept it clean and neat for us. AND I had a chance to look at the new Rooftop. AMAZING mountain view and can't wait to go back for a meal there. I would be great to handout at the new rooftop for star-gazing at night Or sun bathing during the day!!!

The Food: REALLY good food healthy, delicious, easy to digest, tasty food. especially appreciated for occasional sweets and fruits.

The Teachers: I really enjoy morning yoga class with Dr Jitendra, with his guidance I feel like I could hold my posture longer, and I see improvement everyday. Yogi Simon ji was able to make philosophy fun and easy to understand for us. Love having Sole Carbone from Canada as our anatomy teacher, a new way to see how our body works and how it was all connected. Well, as for Prem ji, I wish he was more strict on us in adjustment class, I felt like we could have go thru more asanas.

The Ceremonies: Personally I like all ceremonies we did with Mandeep, I was able to have my mala and statue of shiva blesses during the maha shivaratri ceremony, which made it more scared and special for me!

The meditations: For me I think there was a bit too many different techniques of meditation being introduced in such intensive course. I would actually prefer to focus on a couple and really mastering it. BTW, We did a full moon meditation by the Ganga, which was one of my favourites.

Overall I enjoyed my times in the ashram. Much appreciation to all staffs working at the ashram: Sonu ji, Amit ji, and the kitchen team

Tip for upcoming student: do read course material on your free time, it will make your life easier

LAURA DUGGAN | CANADA | 07-01-2019

My experience with this Yoga Teacher Training was life changing and hard to capture in words. It was an extremely challenging experience, in the best way! (To be clear, this review is in regards to a satellite program held by Dr. Das in Canada, not at the ashram in Rishikesh).

The teachers helped me achieve and understand things I never thought possible. It amazes me how much I learned (and retained) in such a short time. Our teachers were incredible and I cannot thank them enough for their guidance, wisdom, understanding, approach, etc. They truly live what they teach and continue to be an inspiration to me daily.

Not only did I experience an immense period of growth during the course, but am still experiencing continued learning and rapid growth in the days following the course as I continue to practice, reflect, and study. This growth has not only been within my physical practice, but mental/emotional/spiritual wellbeing as well.

The facility was wonderful and the food provided was delicious and nourishing. The participants in our group forged strong relationships and were extremely supportive of one another. The teachers created a welcoming, safe, and supportive atmosphere that allowed us to flourish. They challenged us appropriately and were very aware of the various physical levels of our group and catered to that diversity while maintaining appropriately high expectations of students.

I would recommend this course to anyone who is considering it. While it is very rewarding and exciting to attain certification, the experience is so much more than getting that piece of paper!

MARISA GURERO | UK | 18-12-2018

I highly recommend Patanjali International Yoga Foundation. My training was exceptional, the teachers who taught me were very professional, knowledgeable and yet very warm which added value to my overall experience. Dr. Jitendra Das puts his heart in his teachings and the well being of his students. The program was well structured, my training did include Anatomy, I did not feel I lacked in any area in fact I appreciate that I was able to learn and retain so much due to the quality of professionalism of this school. Being an Ashram experience, expect comfort, clean space to learn, sleep and practise. Freshly cooked meals every day, study material to guide during your training is also provided. Be mindful and prepared to harvest the fruits of your hard work. No real transformation is ever possible if you don't devote yourself to what you came to learn. Everything in this school is designed to provide you with the best. I am grateful and cherish my experience at Patanjali. AUM Namah Shivaya


I lived an exceptional experience with PIYF, Dr. Jetendra Das was very generous in sharing his deep knowledge and experience with us. professional and loving teachers and atmosphere .. I will definitely come back for more courses and retreats! The food is very delicious and healthy , rooms very clean with amazing view. All the love for PIYF teachers and staff..

YAMINI SHARMA | INDIA | 25-10-2018

Namaste! My heart is full of gratitude and love, my mind is full of awareness and knowledge and my body is full of vitality and energy as I write this review and the reason for all this ie Patanjali International Yoga Foundation. I did my 100 hours Yoga Therapy and 200 hours Yoga Teacher's Training there from the period of 14th Aug 2018 to 29th Sept 2018.

I am writing this review deliberately late because I wanted to understand and know how much of my learning from the Ashram I can impliment in my daily living and I must say the discipline with which Dr. Jitendra Das taught me has helped me to carry my practice and my teaching in daily life effortlessly.

I arrived at the Patanjali International Yoga Foundation (Ashram) straight from Dubai. My last couple years have been incredibly stressed and successful in Dubai. Success was rewardind but stress took away a lot of my physical health and peace. I was sure about my aim of joining the Ashram and pursuing the TTC, and I was certain about my physical health will improve, but little did I know what incredible experiences were waiting for me in my 50 days at Ashram.

Growth happens only when you get out of your comfort zone and accept the challenges. And thats exactly what I experienced at the Ashram. I not only learnt Yoga but also learnt great deal about my own self - TTC is a very personally enriching experience if done with the right guidence and that brings us to the founder member of Patanjalali International Yoga Foundation, Dr. Das.

Dr. Jitendra Das is not only a great Yoga Teacher but a fantastic human being too. His methods of teaching Ancient Hatha Yoga are disciplined, precise and in deapth. His knowledge of the subject is imppecable and his humility is ever inspiring. When he teaches the Asanas the students not only understands the correct alignment but also learns it's effcets on the body and contraindications too. Dr. Das have structured the training keeping many aspects in mind for the students personal health and how he/she can shape up to be a good Yoga Teacher.

The beauty of the course is that euqal empasis and importance is given to teach The Pranayam - Kriya, The Asanas, The Meditation, The Patanjalali Sutras and The Anatomy of the body. This is a rarity in the vast pool of Yoga Schools all over the world.

If you are looking for a Yoga School which pays more attention on the fun aspect and are lenient with timing then Patanjalali International Yoga Foundation is certainly not for you.

At Patanjalali International Yoga Foundation there are certainly rules and they follow a strict time table - which effects directly on the well being of the students positively, and also, without a doubt, helps create well disciplined Yoga Teachers. I am extremely proud to be part of such Yoga Teacher's clan who have entered the field with confidence and reason behind which is my training with Dr. Jitendra Das.

Other facilities at the Ashram are equally supportive and inspiring. The stay at ashram is another big pull for the people who love to live in the company of mountains. Its awe inspiring. Words are not enough to express my gratitude for the time spent at the ashram.

Food at the ashram is satvik. 100% vegetarian and very delicious. The house keeping team and the cooks are very loving and helpful.

I have earned some great friends during my stay there. I left the ashram with a heavy heart, knowing I am no more a stranger to people here, rather I was one of there Yoga Family Member and I will return again and again ahead in life.

No matter which country you are planning to visit from, in my experience, Patanjali International Yoga Foundation is an absolutely correct choice for ancient knowledge of Yoga, enriching experience, safety, good health, inspiring thoughts and unforgettable time.

ANNA PURNA | UK | 02-10-2018

I had always dreamed of studying yoga in the Himalayas, and against all odds, it happened!The course itself is the best training in authentic, classical hatha yoga I have ever come across, and exemplified the full gamut of what real yoga is; mediation, bandha, shatkarma, mudra, pranayama, philosophy, anatomy, and not just asana... This has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life, and I return to Wales an improved student, and teacher! Thank you so much to everyone who facilitated the course, and shared in its unfolding; we're eternally bonded, not just by the sacred thread, or the communal mantra, but by the joint thought, sweat, and camaraderie of genuine satsang. Never have I been given so much strength, courage, and inspiration from one group of people. My heartfelt wishes are with you always, for all of your futures, you beautiful souls

RUPA GHOSE | INDIA | 28-09-2018

I attended 200 hours Yoga teachers training at PIYF during Sep 18. An extraordinary institution. The teachers and staff are like Gurus and so helping and comfortable. My each moment there is memorable. Food, accommodation and overall environment of the Ashram was superb. The training schedule is nicely worked out with many outdoor activities. They have transformed me from a simple housewife to a yoga teacher. They are totally professional and PIYF is an excellent Yoga school. My sincere thanks to Dr. Jitendra Das and all Gurus for this transformation. PIYF & Rishikesh are awesome.


Lovely place with very intense course. Dr.Jitendra Das a great Yogi and he sharing with us his experience and knowledge very openly. I Ashram is very clean and peaceful. Food is clean and very simple, easy to digest. I had my 28 days have and feel happy with everything. Thank you for the love and care from all teachers.

SARA PANI | ITALY | 25-06-2018

Meravillosa experiencia en Patanjali yoga Foundation,immersa en el acenstral estilo de hatha yoga, aqui he encuentrado mi paz, mi fuerzas y mi determinacion!! El lugar es muy bonito y lindo, lo staff atento, eficiente y compartiendo siempre una radiante sonrisa, la comida sabrosa, nutriente y como no biologica y conciente! Los profesores stranmiten profundidad, seriedad y mucha empatia!! Me he quedado embrujada de este lugar,os lo consejo sin duda alguna, probar para creer!!


I’m Meeyoung Kim from Korea. I’m a trainee in 200 hrs Yoga teacher training course in PIYF. I’m spending very special time to experience real Hatta yoga. All teachers including Guru Gi, Dr. Das, are dedicated to teaching traditional Hatta yoga. Curriculum covers overall yoga practice, not only asanas, but also pranayama, kriya, and meditation. Even we sometimes go out to the spiritual places (for example, Ganga river, as you see now) and practice outside. PIYF provides clean accommodation and healthy food. The size of class is around 25 and classmates are from all over the world. I’m very grateful that I have met good friends in the class and certainly keep contact with them many friends. I hope many of you can come and taste of real yoga in PIYF. Thank you!


My experience with the YTT in India and in Canada has been way more than expected. Both, as a student and also working with Dr. Das as a teacher. His vast knowledge, professionalism and great kindness and compassion, are key components to his teaching and his personality. After studying and practicing yoga for over 25 years, I can say that Patanjali International Yoga Foundation honours the yoga tradition and principles impeccably. There is no other place I would go to or I would recommend. PIYF and Dr. Das are a synonym of excellence, care and dedication. A real yoga experience, a real teacher. I am looking forward to more learning and more teaching at PIYF!

ANNA | RUSSIA | 15-05-2018

I have been dreaming to come to Patanjali International Yoga Foundation for a long time. The key part of PIYF work is a responsible balance in full respect for the ancient traditions of yoga.

The compressed curriculum RYT 200 multilateral and cover all the needs of basic yoga education. However, it can be hard sometimes physically, as well as mentally. Ultimately, however, each learning outcome dependents on the personal interest, dedication and motivation. I completed RYT 200 with a strong passion for yoga and eagerness to learn more.

I felt safe, open, and learned more about myself than I ever had at home. The warm and friendly staff members always ready to help. The rooms are clean and well-appointed, feel even a little more at home with an inspiring atmosphere.

I would like to note that PIYF follows to certain ashram traditions. This place should not be regarded as a yoga resort or hotel, as specific. Keep in mind that you will require a certain willpower and self-discipline to immerse yourself in a new learning environment.

I am grateful to Dr. Das and PIYF for understanding, intelligence and wisdom. The knowledge you have imparted to me plays an important role in my life.

ROSE SONG | CHINA | 26-04-2018

It is really a nice experience to study Ancient Hatha Yoga at Patanjali International Yoga Foundation for a month. Everything here are all around ancient atmosphere. Beautiful building with neat & clean room, vegetarian food is delicious, clean and hard working staff, many mysterious God sculptures in the Ashram.

When I met my Indian yoga instructor he taught me ancient yoga a month in China, I am so interested on it and want to study more in Rishikesh, I ask him if he can recommend me a good teacher to study ancient yoga? He only recommended Dr Jitendra Das of Patanjali International Yoga Foundation to me among too many schools here.

Through the study here, I learned the 7 limbs of Hatha Yoga, 8 limbs of Patanjali sutra, a lot of things attract me to study more and more......I have found the answers of Mantra, Banda, Mudra, Kundalini & Satchakras, dhyana, Asana and etc from Dr Jitendra Das. Beautiful Ganga River, Himalayan mountain and Sannyasini’s cave are all very deep impressive on me.


Studying yoga at PIYF is definitely one of the most amazing experiences in my life. A great teacher-student communication, well structured educational program that gradually covers all basic aspects of yoga teaching and self-practice process, effortless and warm environment in the ashram, helpful and friendly staff and amazingly delicious fresh sattvic food that was prepared with love every day. All these made my stay and yoga experience outstanding!

Besides all practical factors, that's a really great place to dive into your own practice, to reconnect with your higher self and start/continue the wonderful life-long journey of self exploration!


I have had a wonderful experience during my two week retreat at the Patanjali Yoga Foundation Rishikesh India. Dr Jitendra Das has a Wealth of knowledge which is shared both in and out of the Yoga shala. We also had unconditional support and guidance by Veronika.

In between gaining invaluable knowledge and applying a strong yoga practice my belly has been filled with the most delicious, warming food cooked right here at the ashram. The staff are all very kind and helpful. Overall lovely experience and highly recommend for those wanting to advance their practice.

ADRIANA | ROMANIA | 05-04-2018

I am Adriana from Romania and living in Japan and I joined the 200 hours program in February 2018.

"My 200 hours yoga training program was a great experience, I really enjoyed the program although it was very intense. The teachers were very well trained, well prepared and gave plenty of advice. The morning lessons were very organized and structured. The afternoon class was very energetic.

I also liked the city, Rishikesh is a very special and spiritual place, nice meeting place for people from all over the world, the city has good Ganga river view and nice shopping and eating places. I particularly enjoyed the beach area where we practiced sometimes.

Also I enjoyed the food served in the center as well as the food outside in local, it is a great experience for Indian food lovers. Especially the vegan cakes served in the cafes all over the city. "Overall it was a great experience and I am planning to come again".

OSCAR | COLUMBIA | 29-03-2018

Namaste! I’m Oscar, I’m from Colombia, and I’m taking a teacher training course of 200 Hour in Patanjali International Yoga Foundation, It has been a enrich experience for me about personal growing and deep knowledge of yoga. I have known the roots of Yoga and its function for the society. Rishikesh is a beautiful place where you can see the context and where of the yoga.

KELSY LIVIC | USA | 14-03-2018

I have enjoyed my time at the Patanjali International Yoga Foundation and would recommend its programs to anyone serious about growing their personal practice or honing their skills as a yoga instructor. I did a lot of research prior to registering for its 300 Hour RYT course. I feel confident that PIYF offers much more that the typical 300 Hour course. There is a strict schedule and code of conduct, but this ensures that one can absorb a lot of information in a relatively small amount of time.

Subject matter is not restricted to mere asana practice: programs here also include chakras, mantras, mudras, dhyana, Ayurveda and more. While its programs are rigorous, PIYF also offers opportunities to relax, go on excursions or visit the surrounding area so that you don’t feel like you’re missing out on the Rishikesh experience.

As a side-note, the food is amazing! It’s always cooked fresh, is flavorful and the cooks harvest the veggies from their very own garden. Overall, my time at PIYF has been wonderful and I would happily recommend it to anyone desiring to take their practice to the next level.


Hi, I’m Maria from Ukraine and I live in Czech Republic for four years. The decision to come to India for yoga retreat was spontaneous and I was waiting for a hint. And it came. I was not looking for some other school or some global research of yoga schools. Just knew I’m going to the right place. It was true when the first evening we (people who practically don’t know each other) sang Om for the first time. It was absolutely magic moment. They say it’s a special place. Indeed Tapovan village from sanscrit means “the forest of spiritual practice”. There is a special energy not only thanks to holy Ganga and Himalayas but also to people coming here. They want to be better and help others to improve. The ashram is very clean and the food here is delicious.

MIGUEL EGUIA | USA | 18-01-2018

Under the care and guidance of Dr Das I have learned not only how to properly facilitate and adjust students in a yoga session, but also how to personally release historical barriers, live in the present, and adopt a yogic lifestyle. The comprehensive course here at PIYF has fused ancient text and modern day living into a thorough, easily adaptable experience and I look forward to return for another course in the present future. Dr Das, Amba and staff: A profound THANK-YOU. Before my time here I only knew the name of one Sanskrit word: Namaste which only one other person would speak in my rural town. I am gratedul for the physical, intellectual and spiritual advanced that I have evolved into, under your guidance. I return home a man of peace, love, harmony, and grace a found self that will continue to evolve into a most-beautiful yogic life. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Namaste. ~Miguel Eguia, USA

MARIA ROSA | SPAIN | 10-01-2018

From the first moment when I entered into the ashram Yoga Foundation Rishikesh India I liked it. The philosophy about yoga, the practice asana, Bandha, Kriya, Pranayama and mudra also practicum, the rules and discipline, everything in general I liked so much. Finally I found a yoga Teacher training centre as I always imagined it should be. Theory was well explained and getting to know the reasons behind. Practice from the base, knowing how to each and every asana with all details such as which counter pose, complementary pose and relaxation pose are needed after an asana. Rules, very important for me. Discipline, my life without it would be a kaos. For me there was a before and it has been an after. My grateful feeling from the heart for all the teachings shared at the foundation. Thanks a lot. By the way food and staff were excellent.~Maria Rosa-Spain

SANDRA IBARRA | SPAIN | 28-12-2017

I have not enough words to say thank you to Yoga teachers and team of Patanjali International Yoga Foundation Rishikesh India and to Russian Yoga Teachers . To thank to all the people who make possible the course, to thank the place Yoga Foundation Rishikesh India and the universe for meting Amba Dugo and been able to have such an experience. I feel that it has been an important moment of my life. I take all those teachings very deep inside my own being. I am going to carry on with the discipline, essential. I love the place, the food, the practice on the Ganges was wonderful and the trip, of course. For me everything is perfect. NAMASTE.


An amazing and very enriching experience at Patanjali International Yoga Foundation Rishikesh India and with Russian Yoga Teachers which is interesting to learn with them. My experience of yoga Foundation Rishikesh India is unforgettable. I have learnt a lot in such a small period. I would try to keep practicing and teachings from each and every one who took part of this Yoga Teacher Training Course Rishikesh India. If only one of them would not be there (counting myself) Nothing would be exactly the same. Thank you Amba, Dr Jitendra Das and the team who related with ashram for transmitting your knowledge and your experience. I feel really grateful to you and to life itself. Blessing for everyone. Namaste. https://patanjaliyogafoundation.com

GABRIEL HACK | BRAZIL | 25-12-2017

My experience doing the 200hrs YTT at PIYF Rishikesh India was better than expected. So much knowledge acquired in only 21 days. I learned so much about alignments on asana, about corrections and how to structure a proper class focusing on energy centres and keeping a good flow and balance. Met so many lovely people, the nicest staff, the best teachers and had some tasty satvic food. During the teacher training at Patanjali Yoga Foundation you get the chance to experience the ancient style of hatha yoga, not only with your mind but with your whole being. Practicing kriyas, pranayamas, mudras and eating satvic food. Practicing meditations and asanas your body feels the difference. It surpassed my expectations by far. Great job and congratulations to everyone that helped this experience become true. Thank you for all the knowledge, it was such a pleasure spending this time with you. Keep up the great work. https://patanjaliyogafoundation.com/#


Staff is amazing, friendly, nice and kind at Patanjali International Yoga Foundation Rishikesh India. Russian Yoga Teachers group was amazing and interesting to learn with them. Morning Yoga lesson with Dr Das was always really good, I liked a lot. Theory classes were really interesting and live practical which is given be Dr Das of Yoga Foundation. The food of ashram was amazing which is really cooked with love and consciousness. The atmosphere of Yoga Ashram and yoga class was really good. I think I learned a lot even in a very short period of time. I like Patanjali Yoga style, I feel that it´s my style. In conclusion I liked everything. Thank you so much. I am sure I will see you again for more training. https://patanjaliyogafoundation.com/#


The course Yoga Teacher Training at Patanjali International Yoga Foundation Rishikesh India has felt really good and very well created according to the days we had. I had an injurie at home in Spain before coming to Rishikesh India, so I go back with a lot of willing to come back with my shoulder injurie fixed and a higher English level to understand international yoga teachers of Yoga Foundation. I will work on it. The food of ashram was amazing which is really cooked with love and consciousness. The atmosphere of Yoga Ashram and yoga class was really good. About the Yoga Teacher Training course and the ashram Patanjali Yoga Foundation Rishikesh is everything really good. https://patanjaliyogafoundation.com/#


I had a wonderful experience at PIYF for 300hrs Yoga Teacher Training course. Dr Jitendra Das is a ver dedicated Yoga teacher, a wonderful human being, and has always been focused towards the growth of his students. His teaching style always make students interested in learning yoga asana, pranayama, kriyas, bandhas, meditation, etc. Ms Amba Dugo, an associate and teacher of PIYF has always been helping not only me but every student in correct postures and has been answering any queries. She is also a wonderful teacher. Since I joined the course, I started improving day by day in performing asanas and learnt about anatomy of human body and effect of yoga and meditation on physical and mental body. In theory class Dr Das explained everything in such a way that I got thousands of answers which weren´t explained to me before. I thank Dr Das, Ms Dugo and their supporting staff for the love, affection and respect accorded to me. I highly recommend PIYF to anyone who is interested in learning yoga.

MORLON | GERMANY | 21-10-2017

First of all Patanjali International Yoga Foundation is not for people that just want to have fun. It is very serious work. You actually learn what yoga is all about. So if you are looking for fun only, this is not the place for you. I love the teaching. It can be strict at times but that really helps to improve. The food here is outstanding and very healthy which give you this magical transformation of body and soul after four weeks of intensive training. Jitendra and Amba are excellent teachers and all sessions are great not only for personal improvement but also for teaching itself. It is also not a bootcamp. It can be tough at times but we always laugh and enjoy the improvement. A new chapter has just began.

KATHAY K | USA | 07-10-2017

I was looking for the traditional hatha yoga I had studied in my teens and was very happy to find the perfect place for this. It was amazing to be in India and to stay at a safe place where the room, board and classes are well provided. I learned so much and in addition to a thorough intro to yoga practice and theory, enjoyed the helpful staff and the truly international group of students who attended. http://patanjaliyogafoundation.com/index.php


I think so I really enjoy my training with Pantanjali International Yoga Foundation. We were really well taken care of during our time there. Also, teachers were really there for us to help us go further in our practice and evolve in the path of yoga. It was an amazing training to help us improve, but also a life changing experience. There is definitely a different me that went out of this Ashram. To help the school improve in return, I would say that it would have been even more amazing to hear more about the point of view of Dr. Jitendra Das. I think he experienced many things in his life, and it would have been really constructive to hear him philosophize on his teaching. Go a little bit out of the text. To finish with, the only thing that missed a bit of organisation and de facto was hard for me to understand was the anatomy classes. I think this part could be rethink.

SUKH SHACK | CANADA | 19-07-2017

The Patanjali Institute is in a wonderful location: easily accessible and close to amenities. The building itself is beautiful, bright and clean. The teachers were top notch and much of the teachings have been implemented into our daily lives. The yoga classes were challenging and the teachers very helpful. The food at the ashram was so good and each meal was prepared thoughtfulness and love. Would recommend to anyone and everyone to open themselves to the teachings and the experience.

MANAS SHARMA | USA | 15-09-2016

It's very rare to find a Yoga Teacher Training programme which delivers true authentic Yoga. That works on all levels of the human system. I am very happy I found this Yoga Foundation and now I will be able to confidently and with clarity to teach this Yoga where ever I go.

LILIANA | ARGENTINA | 11-09-2016

My experience in Yoga Teachers Training course has been really positive and enriching. Dr Das you have been very generous with my teaching that will best forever' much warmth both peers and the entire staff of the ashram. Now I have the task of putting into practice what they have learned and all their knowledge. Thank you very much!

TACHINEE | THAILAND | 21-08-2016

Thanks for all course days; you have been taking care of us. Thank you for all the lessons you taught us, knowledge you shared. The past four weeks had been unforgettable experience in my life. I feel so lucky to study here and having you a yoga teacher. I came here to study yoga; I'm going home with happiness, positive energy's in my heart. Something I have never expected. May be because of the Ganga or May be it's the good energy. We (all students) shared with you and you to us. Please tell all the staff and uncle for all their work, cooking and taking care of us. I'm thanks full for the entire universe that brought me at Yoga Foundation and having you as my teacher.

PAULA | ARGENTINA | 18-05-2016

My days in the foundation were beautiful! An Unforgettable experience! Facilities were very comfortable and excellent. Very healthy and varied news but the best was all the information provide, this incorporated knowledge are endless. Excellent! Thanks to all the staff, always so attentive and pre disposed. Thanks to PIYf to provide all this knowledge, responsibility and dedication to each and everyone. http://patanjaliyogafoundation.com/

RUBEN | ARGENTINA | 01-04-2016

When I plan this travel, I never thought how deep and helpful could be this experience. Now after these weeks I have found not only technical aspect, theoretical information was many need knowledge of yoga and me. Try to answer who I'm? Sure next week's many thought will come and will help me in my daily life. Thank you so much for your kindly and homily spoken knowledge and great experience with us. ~~~ Ruben, Argentina http://patanjaliyogafoundation.com/

ISABELLE | FRANCE | 20-03-2016

I did my training with Dr Das 3 years ago in Feb. 2013. His teaching urged me to learn more and more and pass the knowledge yoga workshops with Dr Das at my place and my students are very enthusiastic about his teaching. Therefore this year I organized for 9 of them to come to his ashram in Rishikesh. All are delighted. Moreover as Dr Das always proposes new techniques. I again learned extra knowledge and confidence for any students or teacher, PIYF is to be recommended for the deep serous study of yoga, the beauty of the ashram, the cleanliness, the purity and quality of the food and the overall super organization. http://patanjaliyogafoundation.com/

SOLE CARBON | CANADA | 23-01-2016

I came to PIYF without knowing what was exactly going to be my life like for the following three weeks. All I knew is that I wanted to learn yoga from the real source. I knew I wanted to be safe and feel comfortable. I arrived to PIYF and since the first moment I felt welcomed and at home. The Yoga training is very intense requires the full attention of all your senses. But the effort pays back and more. There yoga is part of the learning. I feel like a new me, a better one, on the right path. The group of students is amazing. The house helpers are beyond kind always ready to help. The food is delicious. Made with love, patience and dedications and always fresh. Dr Jitendra Das is not just on exceptional teacher and human being but also a great host. All the teachers and class helpers are extraordinary. I leave with a heart full of gratitude and knowing that I will return to the Himalayan sun and this beautiful school. Thanks you so much!

JULIE DEMERS | CANADA | 06-01-2016

I came here to find a healthy way to live my life and to find inner peace. Sometime I had duality with my emotions, confronted to my old and present attachment. I learn a lot about different ways to achieve my goal; I'm on the good way to find what I was looking inside an outside. Yoga was the only moment that I can feel peace in my mind, and now, I know why my experience was over my expectation and the energy of the place grounded me here and now. Hopefully, I will be able to share my passion and knowledge to others in class in my daily life. For sure I see things differently the positive will shine and I will come back for sure to find even more. It's the most organize thing there done for myself. Thanks for everything.

AMBA DUGO | SPAIN | 22-11-2015

"Dr Jitendra Das from Patanjali International Yoga Foundation is highly recomandable as a yoga master, the teachings on yoga are brilliant as you get the essence of what yoga means and how does it work on practitioners if practiced in the good way. You'll get the best quality information, adjustments, corrections, philosophy speches and much more. They save the ancient yoga from the sacred books and sages. The place is neat and clean and it's got very good energy. You'll feel like at home with a very healthy lifestyle which will make you change your mind and keep improving all the corners of your being. Don't read, go and experience it. "


Training has high quality For the many subject and practice, time is short But sufficient Good organized, time schedule Very good basis for a teacher: Set of asana, pranayama, bandha, and mudra Structure for setting a yoga class Yoga Das is friendly, relaxed and work in a good diesoline way I learned many things what I need as a yoga teacher and enjoyed the training very much.


From the start until the end. It has been inspiring, amazing, joyfull, meaning full, and a journey. The structure of the lessons daily is perfect adjustment to try personal level, back ground and capacity. All the theory lessons are valuable, as well as, the other lessons. Personal development in asanas proper set during the 4 weeks. The style of Patanjali Foundation is inspiring and motivating. From the very beginnig I thought ' this will work out good '. No worries about test, exams or other things. Just from day to day practice and follow schedule announcement, so no worries /stress for next day. It got me in the moment. The food, rooms, service, hospitality, are the best and makes me feel at home in PIYF, Rishikesh, India.

ZVIKA MEGIDO | ISRAEL | 08-10-2015

The teacher is very professional. He is very accurate in the asana and emphasizing what is the proper way and alignment. The facility is clean and tidy and by staying, eating and practicing at the same place it gives the students a focused and calm experience. A students should join the course while he/she is prepared for good serious and demanding experience and by that getting tremendous benefits.

SEAN STOETEN | CANADA | 24-07-2015

I'm very please with my stay at PIYF! The accommodation is clean, the food is fresh, good, and the staffs here are very friendly. I came for the Yoga Teacher Training to learn more about traditional yoga. I have been teaching in Canada for 7 year prior to coming to piyf and I must say that I felt like a new student! The course is intensive though. The more you study, the materials of PIYF suggest before arrival, the better prepared you will be. The Dr das is here to teach you. You will be through to use all your senses and truly experience the training come to study, learn. I chose PIYF to continue my yoga studies. I offer to Dr Das, PIYF many thanks, respect and Namaste!! http://www.patanjaliyogafoundation.com/


Thank you so much for your teaching! I have learned a lot of things about body, mind and spirit. Now I much understand about yoga than before. I feel that I have improved the body capacity, how much you gave us (me) the whole progress of small details, timing, limitations, patients, meditation etc. I really appreciate you that your teaching of yoga is really inspired for my BUTEH DANCE skills and it is absolutely endless to study and obeserve it forever. I would like to come back again here to continue study with you in the future. Thank you again!!!

HANDE | TURKEY | 18-05-2015

Yoga teacher training programme and the life was great at Patanjali Yoga Foundation!! Although there was a hard course programme. I didn't understand that how the time has passed. If you want to learn about science of yoga from original sources about the asana and about all the other teaching of yoga, or just to develop your knowledge and practice of yoga, do not search for any other place in Rishikesh. I thank to PIYF for providing us a good quality training programme in such a nice warm and clean envirment and also for the hospitality and hospitality of the whole staff of Patanjali yoga foundation! https://patanjaliyogafoundation.com/

AMBA DUGO | SPAIN | 25-04-2015

I have re- learnt yoga at Patanjali international Yoga Foundation Rishikesh India. I felt like it home. I find the training very complete. I wanted to do this training for a long time and finely I came and it was even better than I expected. Just thank you and keep doing the same way. Hari om!


When I followed my YTT, We were around 15 Yoga Students. I felt really comfortable at the ashram. The teacher was really present to answer to our questions and help us to push our personal practice a little bit deeper, day after day. I improve my personal skills as a teacher and as students. I met a lot of wonderful people here even if sometime it was intense, I'm really grateful to have been a part of this, thanks to the universe and thanks to Dr Das. www.patanjaliyogafoundation.com


It's my second time at the PIYF RISHIKESH and I still love it as much. The food is good and the staff is really friendly. The classes are intense enough to feel a change in your body and your mind after just a couple of days. The safety into the asana and the evening lesson alignment is the primary focus and adjustments classes. It gives us confidence as teachers. We have enough free time to walk around in rishikesh the shiva temple waterfalls and more. You work hard but you see and feel the improvements ' NO PAIN NO GAIN ' the silent days is such a great inner experience. I would love to do more. Thank you again and see you soon!! Perrine Marais-canada https://patanjaliyogafoundation.com/

LYDIA CHANG | CANADA | 23-12-2014

My experience at PIYF is very inspirational. Thank you Dr Das for being such a good Teacher-Your teaching method were very start, precise, dedicated and as promised ' True to the original source of ancient Yoga Style '. I really learned a lot and feel that I have made the right choice coming here completing the teacher training programm here gives me the best foundation to continued my development and study in yoga. I also realy enjoyed the freshly made food and comfortable accommodation. My only complaint would be the temperature-It is so cold at the yoga hall! Perhaps next time I will come back in summer time. Thank you again for everything and and I hope to come back again in the near further. PS: the programm is harder than I expected but very rewarding in the end when finished. No pain, no gain! I appreciate you pushing us to go further and try harder. http://patanjaliyogafoundation.com/index.php

AMY KRISTOPHER | USA | 12-10-2014

The Yoga course was very comprehensive. It covered all 8 limbs of astanga yoga and seven limbs of hath yoga through extensive reading of original text books and daily practice. The food was very testy sattvika and delicious. The accommodations were clean, private and comfortable. Dr Das was an enthusiastic patient and dedicated instructor with a through knowledge of all aspect of yoga. I feel much more confident with my practice and teaching potential having completed through this course. http://patanjaliyogafoundation.org/index.php

JEAN | FRANCE | 31-08-2014

The yoga course has provided me with an excellent foundation to further my practice of yoga and asana in practice. I feel confidence that I can now start practicing to teach to gain experience in this fields. My only wish world has been to be given the opportunity to plan lesson to discuss with teachers and students. I have loved the asana part of the course however; I feel that more engaging lectures on the theory of yoga world have enhanced my experience of the training as a whole this month has been extremely challenging on many levels whether personal or professional. I now understand that the path to Samadhi so not an easy one but is worth a try. Friendly I have very much enjoyed the sattvik food. Many Thanks!!!


I'm glade that on my YOGA TRIP I met PIYF. During the studies I received a huge baggage of knowledge's understand interesting aspect of my own yoga practice and in whole this information helped me to improve my teacher level. I met here a lot of wonderful people. Everybody is friendly and teachers are always ready to answer every question. I like displace because it keeps everybody together special thanks to food master: food is very important aspect when you are studying hardly and ashram's food always gave me strength and good mood. I hope that I will return here for next course.


I had a wonderful time here at PIYF. The food is amazing and the surrounding is clean. Dr Das is an honest, kind and through teacher. His teaching so asana is detailed and excellent! I learnt so much about the importance of life style and alignment. The course is very enriching and comprehensive. Dr Das makes sure that you understand the information logically. I suggest that students be alert and take many notes during lesson because there is a lot to learn. We were treated very well and well taken care of this is a wonders full experience that any yoga should have. Thank you and much love!

YULIA | RUSSIA | 29-04-2014

I'm second time have because of well structure of teaching, light balance of theatrical information and practice. Thanks this course I am making my personal practice safe and effective and teach my students light and healthy. I'm like at home here, because of friendly students and staff.


When I first arrived I didn't know what to expect. Well I met wonderful people who taught me so much about myself. The classes are really well prepared and the theory classes helped me to go deeper in my practice. During these 3 weeks, I saw a lot of improvements during the asana, physically, mentally but mostly psychologically. Dr. Das is really displin and you can see in his eyes that he went through the same learning process that we so too. So it's not had to completely surrender to trust him. The food was amazing and the rooms were very comfortable. I experienced a lot of purification during my stay but what I'm leaving with is a complete feeling of at peace with myself.


This course has been amazing! So much knowledge and information. It's very well structured. The teacher is professional and he explains and makes it so easy. I'm very grateful for coming here and to have experienced this and to have met all beautiful people. The food and accommodation was way over expectation. The chafe cooks with lot of love! If you are considering different yoga ashram for teacher training, choose this one!!

SUNARA BEGUM | UK | 08-02-2014

The comprehensive nature of this course is something. I have not come across before. It is been intense, eye opening, insightful and most of all a true joy to be part of PIYF 01-21 Dec2013. I have been let into a world I just want to go deeper into. A very 3 dimensional practice that encompasses all that I have been looking for all. It is been an incredible three week roller coaster, learning so much, sharing experience, very nutritious food, positive energy all around, I am truly honored!!!

ALISON | CANADA | 02-02-2014

Peace and unconditional love, everything is completed now, are the main points the course brought in my life. I simply have gratitude to the great mountain, to the sun, to the moon, to the holly Ganga river, to the teacher and to the precious cook of PIYF. I feel we are a big family returned again on this planet earth and this experience is a blessing here... Thank you to PIYF Rishikesh India to creating such a great atmospheres.

LYUDMILA | GERMANY | 29-01-2014

The course was very interesting. We got much information. The practice was understandings. I have understood how I must make right all position. - Friendly atmosphere - Very good meal - Nice rooms - Very good preparing for teaching.

RAVINDER MENON | USA | 01-01-2014

PIYF is located in Rishikesh, India, which is known as the world capital of Yoga. The energy level of the place and the school is kept very high and positive. The school is in a new building and is very clean and well-organized. Food is freshly prepared and truly Sattvic. Rooms are very clean with attached bathrooms. The daily routine is very structured and no time is wasted. Dr. Das is very demanding as a teacher and course director, but it is because he wants to do full justice to the TTC and transfer as much knowledge to the students as possible in the limited time. He has the interest of his students at heart and spares no pains to make sure that all of us taking the course were fully prepared.


Two years ago my teachers recommended me to visit Patanjali Yoga Foundation Rishikesh to get yoga knowledge from the first hand. I liked it very much and decided to participate the Yoga Teacher Training. I think yoga Foundation is the strongest yoga school. Every day I opend somthing new for me. I'm not flexible but my practice become well. Theory base include the main about practice and for teaching. Everything in India is work with human ego; I thank my teacher for my practice and for my little knowledge about yoga while yoga helps me in my life, in my work, thank you very much to Patanjali yoga Rishikesh India.


On this course I learn a lot of interesting information about yoga, yoga philosophy and complete professional training, very good explanation. I liked everything. I'm very happy to be here. I will be glad to come back here at Patanjali International Yoga Foundation Rishikesh India.


There was very good database of information of asana, pranayama, bandha, mudra, kriya and meditation techniques. I am very happy to get deep knowledge on philosophy of yoga. It was very structured and easy to remember it. The team is very helpful and understanding to all the needs of students. Thanks a lot-om shanty!


It was great experience! Just a month ago, my wife and I didn't know anything about how to teach yoga. But now we have lots of technique and knowledge to share with other people. As well as, we gain our yoga skill, mental, physical. We really appreciate it. The service of food was great! We loved it a lot. We realized how much food is important for us. Just several time we ate out, ate restaurants food, it's still vegetarian food but it was so heavy stomach all day, we couldn't digest proper, but PIYF's food was so light and ate a lot, because it was delicious but I didn't feel bad at all. Thank you for the chef for sharing your nice food. Also we loved the walking trip. It was very nice experience and fun. It was idea to go walking trip on day off; otherwise, we became just lazy and slept whole day, thank you for everything!!!!

TAMMY STONE | CANADA | 20-08-2013

The Yoga Teacher Training Course has been incredibly valuable experience in everyway. It was so inspire to learn from a real master of Yogi Jitendra das lives and practice in the yogic path and leads by example. He put his heart and soul into his work and into structuring the training, so that we could learn asanas and much more in a very systematic way. The yogic path is a lifetime of work, but I feel ready to offer to other what I have learned here, as I continue with my practice also, the food was spectacular and prepared with real love. Overall, this has been a journey I wouldn't forget and I feel very great full to Jitendra Das and to the Patanjali Yoga Foundation for being such a genuine establishment for the teaching of yoga and Teacher Training. Thank you!! More than ever I'm inspired to continue along the path that you have set out so beautifully for us!

MUNISH | MUMBAI, INDIA | 01-08-2013

I really enjoyed my one month Yoga Teacher Training Course at Patanjali Yoga Foundation Rishikesh. I got some new information regarding teaching the yogasana and their effects on different part of the body and internal organs. The tracking to the mountains was really fun and the view from top of hill was like earth is talking. The food of foundation we had for one month was pure Sattivika and delicious. I thank our cook who was serving us everyday new dishes. I thank our Yoga Guru Dr Das for all the info and guiding, correcting our mistakes and giving us tips for teachings. Thanks!!

ANTHONY PARA | USA | 30-07-2013

Dr. J Das from Patanjali International Yoga Foundation Rishikesh India has crafted a wonderful 200hrs Yoga Teachers Training Course. His teachings maintain the integrity of the Ancient yogic masters. Patanjali International Yoga Foundation is a splendid establishment for any individual to deepen their practice and gain greater insights into the life style of a true Yogi.


I appreciated a lot for the way how I learned step by step with a good thinking method the asana-the way how to teach the asanas. I liked to do the pranayama's and learned more about it the seem for the mudra;s. For not English students I had same difficulties with the lecture and the study of the bodies. I appreciated attitude and a example like a lecture for the group and for me as a students. I have more confidence at myself; to try to begin as a yoga lecture. The food was fantastic! Thanks a

ISABELLA | FRANCE | 09-04-2013

If you look for a serious course, if you are determined to learn and dedicated to your purpose, this is the place to come and to read and practice before you join the class and you will make confidence and awareness and feel all the benefits of yoga coming to you. Learn as much as you can and offer it back to other when you are back home. Thank you for this wonderful internal journey.


I really enjoyed my time spent at PIYF. Dr Das was very professional and taught a great course. I have done little traveling and found this course to be a great way to see some of India, I recommend this course to anyone looking to further their yoga practice, or become certified to teach. The food and accommodation was great.


PIYF is a very new rounded program and i have learned so much in one month! Food was excellent, and the program had great structure! Every day was different and full of information! Dr Das is extremely knowledgeable and I enjoyed my month of YTT at PIYF!.


PIYF provided me with a fantastic training in true yoga practice. Practice, learning in the heart of Rishikesh was an unforgettable experience. Our group was given a very through introduction to yogic philosophy, asana practice and meditation. I loved my time here, Thank you for everything.

MANUELA | SPAIN | 20-02-2013
I want to say thanks, because the yoga training was wonderful and because thanks to that is the first time in my life that I am enjoying my job! I thought that was imposible! and it is going very well so far, I am having more and more peopel everyday, I already have 6 groups per week.
CARO GAYA | FRANCE | 17-01-2013

Im to have found such a methodological course that gives strong and clear basis to practice and teaches. It gives a deep and practical approach and makes concepts very clear, even the philosophical ones. It was very complete and very well structural course.


Tiia, Finland It was intensive training I gained a lot of confidence in my training, sequencing and adjusting. The course opened a lot about philosophy, pranayamas etc. Im very happy that I came here teaching training was really professional. Food was good, facilities were good. I really happy and would recommend this course to others.

CHIARA | ITALY | 29-12-2012

I feel very content and satisfied about the course. It was intensive and very challenging for me in many ways. I liked the structural way of teaching asana and now I have a clear idea about create a Hatha yoga class. I think this course provide a good foundation/base for a new yoga teacher. I also appreciate very much that there is good focused on the tradition of yoga and all the Sanskrit scriptures.


It has been a great experience, I never thought I could learn so much about yoga in a month, at the beginning is hard to keep on with the rhythm but as the days are passing fee very comfortable with the yogic life that Patanjali Yoga Foundation offers you during four weeks with the practical and theoretical lesson very well organized so that you can gradually learn and experience with a calm atmosphere and a tasty, wonderful yogic food. After this month I feel ready to teach and I bring with me

SUKI BURNS | USA | 29-01-2012

I came to india and your yoga course with intention of deepening my yoga practice togather with my family, so we could follow the yogic life style for our new years 2012 with more AWARNESS, PRANA, HEALTH and HAPPYNESS. These areas have all grown in one month. we now have more tools, information, books and inspiration to grow even more! somtimes during the course i feel it is so much to obserb in so sort a time. But your system some how works, to sink the information into my brain. many blessings

FERNANDO | BRASIL | 27-01-2012

I learned a lot this last month about yoga and about my self. I had the desire to come to India and learn yoga. The Patanjali Yoga Foundation shows me the way. The tools of my body, my minds and to my soul. All depends of me and on strong are my desires. The universe so is going to hold me out. I learned that practicing is the only way, and the answers will come. I have to practice to experience. So thank to master. I have my path to follow and i m a better man than when i arrive.


Dr Das's knowledge and experience of yoga and the ancient Sanskrit texts on the subject is powerful. Through out the course i learned a great deal about the ancient system. This knowledge, i believe one would be hard to find on one place in such a short time. He truly has dedicate his life to the art, philosophy, and science of yoga.

ANNA | SPAIN | 03-09-2011

I like so much the practical lessons of this course and the intensity of the asanas. Also the chanting and the mudras. The place is so nice and very clean and order and it helps a lot of in the practice. I love the murti of Shiva and Ganesha and the ether spiritual symbols. They create a very good atmosphere and energy. The kriya was also so interesting. May be too much theory in the month, overcome because we have had few time to study all these things. Very interesting the Vedic scripture as w

DIOGO | BRAZIL | 03-09-2011

I m great ful to be part of the select group of students at Patanjali International Yoga Foundation. For the second year in course. I come to learn from my master Dr Jitendra Das. It's always a life changing experience not only about yoga and its practical and philosophical aspect, but also about how to live in balance with body mind, spirit. thanks you for all.


I learned a lot about the classic, ancient roots of yoga, which is why i came to study at PIYF. The yoga shala was a sacred and peaceful place to come each day and sweet, stretch, chant, breath and learn. Dr. Das is very dedicated to the course and his attention to detail shows in every aspect. I especially enjoyed the puja ceremonies, trips to shiva temple, fresh Ayurvedic hebs and cows softly mooing during final savasna. I have learned and grown so much in these few weeks and i feel reedy to

SERGAY | SPAIN | 21-08-2011

I thank God and PIYF for the opportunity to go deeper in yoga based on ancient texts as hath yoga pradipika, Yoga Sutra. I found the programme and course itself very complete and disciplined, performed by a great yoga master. The course has taught me teachings from kriya and hatha yoga to start my path to samadhi. Om namo shivay!!!


I found Dr Jitendra Das of Patanjali International Yoga Foundation Rishikesh India the first yogi I have come across to be teachings. The full spectrom of traditional practices yogasana, Pranayama, Bandha, Kriya, Mudra, Mantra and Meditation, subtle and gross anotomy with nothing added straight from original Sanskrit text books-A recommended it for serious yoga students from world wide those who wish to learn ancient yoga source to ancient sage. https://patanjaliyogafoundation.com/