No, During the YTT we dont allow drop-in students at all. For us it doesn’t matter how large or small the group is. We care for and respect all our YTT students.

India is an open and welcoming country with a centuries-old culture and traditions. Please respect Indian culture and traditions. It is not polite to walk around dressed in open and tight-fitting clothes, to exhibit intimacy between men and women in public, to insult sacred cows and animals. Before entering Hindu temples, Indian houses and some shops, your shoes should be taken off.

The official languages of India are Hindi & English.

We provide only to practice in yoga hall, but better to bring your own.

White only during the yoga class, rest of time bear whatever you want.

White pant at yoga foundation only USD 7 and same price for Tshirt.

Yes, you could bring or you could buy near yoga foundation, mostly no one feel hungry as we provide enough pleasant meal according to yoga.

Please contact to Indian embassy into your country.

We are 100 mtr away from Badrinath road and 100mtr far from Ganga.

From the roof top possible to see Ganga, but not from the room

Best time to checking in the Yoga Foundation from 8am till 14pm, after arrival organize everything and have refresh meeting introduction at 17pm same day

by 12 noon you would be free.

We practice yoga six days a week. Seventh day is free

We provide Yoga mats to practice in the Yoga hall only. We don’t allow mats to be taken anywhere else.

Please bring long loose pants, t-shirt and socks (short or long sleeve) in white to use during the practice and for your room safety please bring a good quality padlock to lock your room.

There is a simple rule: leave all unnecessary items at home like cosmetics, sexy dress, hair dryer, high heels shoes etc. Pack only the essential things: a minimum of clothing, first aid kit, personal hygiene items, pen and notebook for taking notes during the course. If you are afraid of mosquitoes, please bring a mosquito net, sleeping bags, towels, etc. as in india no one provides those items.

We like to limit the group to 21 students only. At PIYF, we have a large Yoga hall, but prefer not to have larger groups. We focus on the quality of teaching to produce high quality Yoga students on an international level.

We do not provide a safety deposit box for storing valuables. Most students leave their valuables in their rooms and lock the door to their rooms with a padlock. It is quite safe and secure at PIYF. We have strong metal grids for all windows.

If any student from PIYF has lost/damaged their certificate, we are happy to provide you with a duplicate, but it will cost Euros 50 .

School Certificate of Patanjali International Yoga Foundation (PIYF) and Yoga Alliance (YA) will be issued at the end of the YTT course, based on the results of examinations.

Transfer Delhi - Rishikesh - Delhi is carried by taxi service distance: 250 km. Time till destination : 5 - 6 hours with one stop for 30 minutes' rest with the possibility of breakfast, depending on timing.

Taxi rent please pay after arrival at Yoga Foundation in cash in any major currency CAD, AUD, USD, EUR and GBP. Only tips to driver, if you happy with his service whatever amount you wish.

Taxi rent please pay at Yoga Foundation in cash in any major currency CAD, AUD, USD, EUR and GBP after your arrival, not to driver.

Taxi rent to and at Yoga Foundation in cash in any major currency CAD, AUD, USD, EUR and GBP. Not to driver, Only tips to the driver, if you happy you are happy with his service and whatever amount you wish.

Yes, you can either do your laundry yourself, or we can provide paid laundry service.

Yes, all the rooms have attached bathrooms, with hot and cold shower.

Yes, if he/she is attending the Yoga course. In case he/she is not attending the Yoga course, you have to pay extra charge for meals and lodging.

Yes, booking in advance and with extra charg!

We provide Yogic-Ayurvedic vegetarian meals at the Yoga Foundation, but if you want to try outside food Rishikesh is a vegetarian space. There is a wide choice of restaurants with both Indian and European cuisines.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables are always sold on vegetable trays outside. Please mind that we don't recommend eating spicy, heavy and oily food during the course.

Extra room fees please pay at Yoga Foundation in cash in any major currency CAD, AUD, USD, EUR and GBP.

Please pay your balance fees after arrival at Yoga Foundation in cash in any major currency CAD, AUD, USD, EUR and GBP.

You could pay by pay pal and please pay pay pal charges 4.25 from your side. or better to bring cash and be free from extra commission.