Yoga Alliance Continual Education (YACP)

We provide an opportunity for our 300 HRS PIYF graduates to improve their teaching skills and to become Experienced Registered Yoga Teachers (ERYT) by obtaining the“Art of teaching Certificate” which is accredited by Yoga Alliance USA.

By being an assistant yoga teacher at PIYF you will:

  • Improve your personal yoga practice and knowledge

  • Improve your yoga teaching skills, and learn new techniques

  • Gain the experience of teaching and adjusting different students

  • Get feedback on your teaching from yoga students and senior teachers

  • Get closer to the real yogic lifestyle

PIYF will provide you with:

  • Single / Shared Accommodation.

  • 2 yogic meals per day and all ashram facilities.

  • Certificate "Art of Teaching, Level-1, Level-2, Level-3" accredited by Yoga Alliance as a continual education.

  • After completing "ART OF TEACHING" level 1, 2 and 3, teachers can organize and teach Patanjali Yoga Teacher Training at their own place and would be able to provide PIYF Certificate to their yoga trainees.

  • 20% commission from the full price of YTTC for each student registered under your name.


Work with us as Karma Yogi

Yoga teacher, kitchen staff, housekeeper - any help in the ashram is more than welcome

Age : 20 - 45

Education : Minimum Higher Secondary

Language : English

Rules : follow all the rules and regulations of ashram

Duration : minimum 1 month

Fees : One Yoga Teacher Training

Facility : Accommodation, food, Yoga & Meditation classes, YTTC Certification

Contact :


Work with us as an employee

Person who is able to do any kind of house work - kitchen, room service, reception, yoga teacher

Age : 20 - 45

Education : Minimum Higher Secondary

Language : English

Rules : follow all the rules and regulations of ashram

Duration : Minimum duration is one year

Salary : depends on the quality of work

Facility : accommodation, food

Contact :



YOGAH KARMSU KAUSHALAM excellence in action is yoga. Complete focus and dedication to action without any attachment to the ensuing results is the real key to living a fulfilling life as a true Karma Yogi.

One should stay intensely focused on the action only, never on its fruits. In other words, one should not let the fruits of action become their motive for performance of action. At the same time, detaching from fruits of actions does not imply that one should resort to inaction or inertia as one is no longer concerned about fruits.

To remain evenly balanced in both success and failure. This is how Karma Yoga philosophy leads to equilibrium or equanimity of mind. When all our actions are dwelling in Divine in this manner, we truly start living the ‘Work is Worship’ philosophy.Having offered all actions to the eternal essence, and having cast off all attachments, he who performs all his actions this way does not get tainted by sins. This way of living is very well demonstrated by the lotus flower which lives in water without ever being tainted by water.

There is karma yoga from ancient time during yoga education in the ashram. All students should practice karma yoga "The selfless service" or fruit less service which leads to free from the karma the action mean libration. We don't have compulsory karma yoga everyday in our yoga foundation, but those who ever would like to do karma yoga according to their talent, are the most welcome. Your service will help to grow PIYF and many people in this world.